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In LOVE with my hair

Hey Everyone! So I seriously LOVE my hair! My texture is improving and my curls are becoming more and more defined..I am sooo very happy to be experiencing this wonderful Natural Hair Journey it is indeed a great experience. I'm so happy I finally got to the point to make the BOLD decision to cut my hair off without that much new growth of hair. I hope anyone that is still transitioning or the individuals that have done a BC are just as excited and have no regrets about embarking on this journey. I promise you it may seem hard some day and you may have one of those days that temp you to just get a relaxer but tough it out and stick to your decision. There are so many inspirational videos and people in the natural hair community that can help you to get past those discouraging days. I hope you all have a positive and exciting journey into the wonderful world of the Natural Hair Community.

Peace, Love, and Nappiness
~Illustrious Art~
Here is how my hair texture looks at the moment

Have a Great Weekend =)

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diimpulz said...

ahh! you did it! it looks great!

Anonymous said...

Looks really, really cute! Yay for TWAs!!

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