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Valentine's Day??? What's That???

10 things to do alone on Valentine's Day!
1. Have a pampering day out or night in. Go to the spa or take a relaxing bath, light some scented candles and take a great book and chill out.
2. Go out with a group and see an action movie or thriller.
3. Spend the day at a place where you feel at peace and happy.
4. Invite your single friends around and have an evening of good food, wine and playing games.
5. Go out and do something active during the day like shopping.
6.Spend the day helping out at a charity event.
7. Go out to your favorite cafe take a newspaper or good book.
8. Throw a singles party.
9. If your up to it, why not just go ahead and ask someone out.
10. Go to a sporting event, 9 times out of 10 Valentine's Day won't come up.
Bonus: Get together a group of single friends and go to the CLUB! You never know you just might meet another single person there that's trying to forget it's Valentine's Day.

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