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Hair breakage...Don't you just hate it!

One of the worse things to go through is hair breakage. What a lot of people don't understand is that you can't hold on to serious damaged hair, because you only risk having a head full of damaged broke hair. There are several factors that lead to hair breakage: Stress, Constant heat being put on the hair, Dry, Lack of moisture in the hair, To much protein from gels, and a few other things but those are the most common. When you have just small damage your problem could just simply be dead ends and all you would need is to get a good trim of your ends so that your hair can begin to grow healthy and long. However, if you have a head full of damaged hair the best thing to do is go see a professional and get a sexy haircut that will not only make you feel better about your hair but also relieve some frustration you may have about your hair being damaged. After all if it's damaged why hang on to it! It's no good to you or your hair, and it absolutely will not grow into long healthy hair. So just do yourself and your hair a favor and chop it off. I guarantee you it will grow back in no time! =)


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