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Expert Makeup Tips From Glamour Mag

1. Define your Brows
The trend is shaped and well-groomed. "Tweeze hairs out of line with your arch, "says makeup pro Scott Barnes, author of About Face. Then set with brow gel or hair gel.
~Mistake not to make: Over penciling! Fill in sparse spots only.

2. Layer Your Shadow
Use two shades and you'll twice as sexy. Try brown, gray, or silver blue. Sweep a darker hue from lash lines to creases; top with a lighter or shimmery version.
~Mistake not to make: Neglecting to blend; go to it.

3. Line Your Lids Right
Apply a streak of pencil that matches your shadow on top and bottom lids; smudge. Feeling BOLD? Rim inside of eyes with black. Or skip shadow and just use colorful liner.
~Mistake not to make:WOW liner and WOW lipstick. One's plenty.

4. Lush up your lashes
Curl, apply mascara and wait 10 seconds for it to dry before adding more "so you don't end up with tarantula eyes,' says Barnes. Especially festive: a blue one.
~Mistake not to make: Ignoring bottom lashes. Show them some LOVE!
*Source* Glamour Magazine~

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