"Come a little closer..Let daddy put it on ya..Need ya to know..What happens here stays here..."
"Well I'm, Ready and willing Mamas got to glow Gotcha standing at attention..Keep It on the low...

So I have been to a few clubs in my life, and out of all of them SOUND BAR is by far the BEST time I have had so far at a club....YES YES! I am VERY picky when it comes to clubs. Call me CLAUSTROPHOBIC , BUT I absolutely HATE being in a club that has no get away space, and it's just a room with a bunch of people. There is nothing worse than a whack architectural layout in a club, and of course the music! Recently I went out with my girls to Sound bar and we had a BALL! The layout of the club was ultra sexy, there was a diversity mix of people, nice environment with no negativity. Everyone was drinking, dancing, and having a great time. And speaking of drinks! I got 8 free drink tickets! 8! Who can beat that! I was set for the night. If your ever in Chicago you must go check out SOUND BAR!

226 West Ontario Street Chicago, IL 60654-3619

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